Peppers on Turnovers: 'Stop Making Excuses'

Jabrill Peppers says Michigan can be a disruptive defense that causes turnovers and the 'excuses" stop now.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Michigan can be a disruptive defense that causes turnovers and puts fear into opposing offenses – they just haven’t shown it yet, says Jabrill Peppers.

In fact, he says U-M showcases the necessary traits everyday in practice, but the "excuses" are over and it’s now time to show it in an actual game.

“It’s not about figuring out, but playing the way we know how to play,” Peppers said. “Stop feeling sorry for ourselves. Stop making excuses for why we are not playing the way we are capable of playing. Coaches can’t play for you. The coaches give us a great game plan week in and week out. They do a great job, scouting, film room, and it’s up to us – we’re the ones who have to play.

“So lets stop making excuses, and lets go out there play how we are capable of playing.”

Michigan lost 24-17 at Utah last Thursday, also losing the turnover ratio 3-1. So what does U-M need to do to be better at creating turnovers? Well, Peppers has his ideas.

“Disrupting the quarterback, staying in your assignment (and) doing your job,” said Peppers, who finished with eight tackles and two tackles for loss against Utah. “Like I always tell the guys, ‘if everyone does your job – the job will get done.’ If you have 11 guys on the field playing the same defense, same scheme, communicating the calls all on the same page, then the job will get done.”

Again, Peppers reverted back to U-M’s success in forcing turnovers in camp.

“We now we can force turnovers. We did it time and time again in camp. And time and time again in the spring. It’s just about executing,” Peppers said. “That word execute means so much. It’s just not enough to do it practice, which we see now. Can you do it when you’re tired? Can you do it when the pressure is on? When you need a stop, can you execute?”

Michigan will look for its first forced turnover this Saturday, when U-M plays host to Oregon State at noon ET.

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