Glasgow: Offense Shows 'Upside' in Defeat

Michigan center Graham Glasgow says U-M's offense can take some positive aspects away from Utah -- even in defeat.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – A win is always better than a loss, right? Well, there can be certain instances where positives in a loss can stand out more than the thrill of victory, that’s the way center Graham Glasgow sees it anyways.

In fact, Glasgow says U-M’s offensive effort in its 24-17 loss at Utah, was better than certain winning situations in 2014.

“I felt better in this loss then some of our wins last year,” Glasgow said. “I feel like we have some mistakes that we needed to correct. But they are not like glaring. There are something, like pad level and things we can correct right away that would be getting us on the right track.”

Michigan’s offense totaled 355 yards, struggling with only 76 yards on the ground. However, Glasgow feels offense had its moments, and little mistakes cost them from possibly walking away with a win.

“I feel like we have the upside,” Glasgow said. “This was a tough loss because I felt like we were close to winning. We had a few turnovers and we had a pick six. We were right in it. I felt like I am more optimistic for what we have this year.”

Why? Glasgow explains: “It’s the coaches. It’s the players. It’s just the overall attitude. Everyone is coming in here and using it as an opportunity to learn.”

Michigan (0-1) next plays host to Oregon State (1-0) this Saturday at noon ET.

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