Bolden: 'I'll be first to admit I screwed up'

Defensive captain Joe Bolden was pleased with his defense's performance in its 35-7 victory over Oregon State. However, he says his individual performance in the first drive left a lot to be desired.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Defensive captain Joe Bolden had plenty of things to be proud about during its 35-7 victory over Oregon State on Saturday.

Putting the small defensive hiccup aside during the Beavers’ first drive of the game, the Michigan defense rendered its opponent useless in the second half.

One thing Bolden was not too particularly proud of, however, is his own play during the first drive.

“Everybody knows what to do,” Bolden said. “It’s just the matter of fact of getting it done. I screwed up, I’ll be the first to admit that I screwed up I think twice in the first drive. A lot of people probably noticed. It happens, you come back, you play football.”

After Saturday’s game, it’s clear what the recipe for success will be under head coach Jim Harbaugh and his staff. Heavy running game that will attempt to break the will of the opposition coupled with physicality on defense.

For Bolden, seeing his offense steamroll like it did translates to a confident defense.

“Any team that runs the football and plays defense is going to win a lot of football games,” Bolden said. “Sitting there watching the offense drive the ball, it’s a really good feeling. Then being able to go out with a lot of confidence on defense and play fast, play physical and play downhill.”

One area in particular that stood out the brightest on defense was the defensive line. Led by Chris Wormley and company, Bolden says that their effort and sudden resurgence wasn’t some well-kept secret hidden in Ann Arbor.

In fact, he said, his team knew it all along.

“I’d say everybody just now is noticing them,” Bolden said. “The guys down at Schembechler Hall, the guys on the team, we’ve known they can make plays. It’s a really good feeling seeing them put together a solid game and play like they are.”

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