Chesson says deep pass issues fix is critical

Michigan receiver Jehu Chesson says the deep ball issue fix is critical for the offense.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Hitting the deep pass is something that Michigan has tried to do over the course of the three-week season but hasn’t exactly connected on any big plays yet.

For U-M receiver Jehu Chesson, Saturday’s 28-7 victory over UNLV was another example of being close, but not quite, in regards to breaking off the deep passes.

“I want to (hit the deep pass downfield) so bad,” Chesson said. “It’s frustrating but at the same time… At the receiver position you either make a play or you don’t. So the times where they launch the ball up 45 yards, whether it’s a miscommunication or you slowed down, you overthrew, whatever it is. If you catch the ball you’re a hero. It’s kind of how we live, out on the edge.”

Is there an easy fix for a situation where multiple factors come in to play? Not necessarily. As they always say, though, practice makes perfect.

“In practice we just need to keep practicing those,” Chesson said. “Because it’ll show up, it’ll show up eventually. We just have to keep trying, never stop trying.”

With the non-conference schedule winding down and a tougher opponent making its way to Ann Arbor next weekend, adding the big play element to the U-M playbook would make for another wrinkle to the offense and take some strain off the running game.

“It’s critical to get that fixed this week,” Chesson said. “I mean, it’s critical to get that fixed last week. We’re crunched for time in terms of that but, at the same time though, everybody is playing solid and everybody is playing with effort. Especially now that – I guess you can say issue – that we can take care of. Like I said, back in practice, back in State Street, be a State Street quarterback and a State Street receiver.”

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