Jehu Chesson talks offensive potential

Jehu Chesson was asked about the potential of the offense and gave an honest response.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Looking down the Michigan roster, it’s clear that it has plenty of potential playmakers waiting for his shot to make an impact.

But what does potential really mean? Well, you either have it or you don’t. If you do one thing though, don’t bring up the word potential around receiver Jehu Chesson when asking him about his offense.

“Potential is such a great word but I don’t like that word,” Chesson said. “It means you don’t have it yet. You’ll never arrive to anything but I just think that we’ve got to get better and better.”

Chesson quoted his head coach with the blueprints of getting better. It starts at practice and continues throughout the season. It also helps having a long list of players that can come in and play.

“As coach Harbaugh says, you’ve got to compete,” Chesson said. “Compete every day, day in and day out. That’s how you get better, compete with the best, and compete with the ones to get better because the sky is the limit, really. We have so many talented guys out there on offense.”

With the playbook very bland, it’s clear that Harbaugh doesn’t want to show his hand to give the better opponents something to scheme around. Combine that with a list of players that can contribute at any point of the game, Chesson believes that this offense could excite any coach.

“You have so many guys that the ball can go to and so many guys that can make plays with the ball,” Chesson said. “Obviously, if you’re a coach, you’re excited to coach in this offense which our coaches are. As things get rolling we’ll continue to call plays that will work the best. We just have to execute at a high level.”

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