Harbaugh: Rudock Best QB by 'Wide Margin'

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh was asked to simply evaluate senior quarterback Jake Rudock at his Monday press conference. Believing the questions were in some way looking to create a controversy, Harbaugh put to rest any concern that a change could be made this season.

After playing up a two person quarterback battle throughout fall camp, Jim Harbaugh is done with any debate about who his starter is.

Through three games as the starting quarterback at Michigan (2-1), the fifth-year senior and transfer from Iowa Jake Rudock has had mixed results.

Judging by decisions, understanding of the offense and overall comfort delivering the football under pressure in the pocket, Rudock is a far cry from what the Wolverines have seen at the position in recent seasons.

Numbers back that up as well with Rudock currently third among Big Ten quarterbacks in completion percentage at 64.8-percent.

On the other hand, Rudock already has five interceptions this season, tied for the second most in the conference alongside Maryland's Caleb Rowe. Rudock's quarterback rating of 118.5 is also sits near the bottom.

Still, with Michigan sitting 2-1 and getting set to host No. 22 BYU Saturday at noon in Ann Arbor, Harbaugh isn't fond of questions he feels insinuate there's a major issue with Rudock at the quarterback position.

Asked Monday to simply offer some of the areas Rudock could improve, Harbaugh responded simply by stating, "there's areas."

"Questions to divide and compare and, we're just, we're all working to get better," added Harbaugh.

"I sense sometimes the questions to compare and be divisive. I'm quick to turn those off."

And Harbaugh wasn't done.

Then asked about the perception that Rudock is struggling in the offense through three games, and why that would be the wrong assumption to make, Harbaugh again came to the defense of his quarterback.

"We're all working at it together," Harbaugh said. "He's thrown to 13 different receivers, that's good that we've spread the ball out. But, the timing in the passing game, the detail, the precision that's required, it takes time on task."

Some of the miscommunication stemming all the way back to the Utah game in week one could be what Harbaugh is referring to, noting it's not all on Rudock when a route is wrong or perhaps the protection crumbles leading to a faster release on a timing route.

Either way, Harbaugh continued on and did his very best to deter any Michigan fan or media member from ever believing that there may need to be a change at quarterback at some point this season.

"Be clear, Jake Rudock is the best quarterback, not by a small margin," he said. "He's our best quarterback.

"When it comes to the precision of the passing game and the timing, that's something we're all working together at and it's the responsibility of everybody."

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