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Trying to find comfortability in a new offense, U-M QB Jake Rudock knows decision making needs to improve

Jake Rudock knows that his decision making needs to improve going forward despite still trying to find comfortability in a new offense.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- You only have one shot to make a first impression.

For quarterback Jake Rudock, his first game at Michigan against Utah wasn't exactly the best first impression to make.

Impressions come increasingly more difficult to maintain as Rudock only has one year of eligibility left and one last shot to make his mark on the college football world. Three games into the season, he hasn't exactly lit the world on fire by any means.

He knows the expectations for being a Michigan quarterback, he's not numb to it. He also knows the expectations of joining a program that needs a seasoned veteran quarterback, which he has plenty of, to lead the Wolverine offense.

"I think the biggest expectations are kind of what you put onto yourself to be honest," Rudock said. "Obviously you want to be as successful as you can, you want to win single game that you play. Maybe you feel it but you try not to. I think the biggest thing is to be internally motivated moreso the external factors."

U-M's record a season ago speaks for itself. Finishing the 2014 season with only five wins, Rudock didn't need to be apart of the U-M program to know what it feels like to lose. During his career at Iowa, he knew a lot of it. He plans on putting his Iowa days into perspective in hopes of drawing comparisons between the two programs.

After all, it's all about winning.

"I've experienced that at Iowa," Rudock said. "We had a losing record and I would come in and play. That's one of those things where you try to use that motivation from the previous year and just understand that, hey, that needs to fuel you a little bit or whatever each individual person is. Just try to go out there and win each win and try to leave everything on the field.

Only throwing five a season ago, Rudock has matched that total in only three games this season. Perhaps U-M is allowing him to open up the passing attack a little bit, or maybe some other factors come in to play as well.

At the root of it all, Rudock says his decision making while still trying to find comfortability in a new offense still needs to improve.

"It's hard to say that now being in the season," Rudock said. "That's probably a better postseason question but I think it's just kind of that comfortability a little bit, maybe. New offense, but you don't want to blame it on a new offense, I'm still the one throwing the ball. I think it just needs to be, like I said earlier, better decision making on my part."

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