Rudock: 'Good Thing' Have Support of Harbaugh

Michigan QB Jake Rudock acknowledged the support of his coach Jim Harbaugh, what it's like to play for him and more.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- On Monday, Jim Harbaugh said emphatically that Jake Rudock was his starting quarterback for the foreseeable future, making it a point that Rudock was indeed his guy – and if he had a challenger to take away his starting spot – it wasn’t even close.

Those words were heard loud and clear – by Rudock, of course.

"It's always a good thing when you have support," Rudock said. "It's like anything, when you have a family, you want support from everybody. You don't want that one outlier as so much to not have your back. I think just in any walk of life that's a good thing that he has your back and supports you.

"And that just makes you feel better."

Through Michigan’s first three games, Rudock has thrown for 582 yards with three touchdowns completing passes at 64.8 rate. But he also has six turnovers, throwing five interceptions in the process and has turnover in every game thus far.

However, despite his struggles keeping it out of opposing defenses’ grasp, Rudock says Harbaugh never comes down on him too much in game. In fact, he says Harbaugh shows composure and knows the right buttons to push.

"He's fiery," Rudock said of Harbaugh. "Sometimes he's fiery but it still a calmness that he's sending. Even though he might be yelling, it's not yelling at you. It's just, ‘Hey, it's loud in the stadium, I need you to hear me.' That's just how he is. He does a good job comforting you and making you feel good.

"Also saying, 'Hey, what the hell was that? We need to be better at that.' So that's just him coaching."

Even if Harbaugh gets a little fired up, the pros of having a former college/NFL quarterback as a coach, far outweigh the cons, says Rudock, noting Harbaugh always references his past experiences during games to help guide certain experiences.

“I think having him as a coach helps that for sure,” Rudock said. “I think having past experiences helps you figure out how you learn best in trying to understand, and just use that as best as you can. There is always little details he's trying to improve you on. Just try to take that and do it each time.

“There is some things he will draw on from when he played that he did or observed," Rudock said. "Then there is things he did as a coach. He'll say 'four years ago' or something. That's just him using his resources and I think it's helpful.”

How smart is Harbaugh’s football knowledge exactly? Well, “very smart,” according to Rudock.

"Very smart. Very, very intelligent. He just sees things that you wouldn't see,” Rudock said of Harbaugh’s football knowledge. “Obviously he has a lot more experience than I do, so you respect that. But it's just -- he'll pipe up and say "here we go." And you’ll look around, and you'll be like "let’s do it.' It looks like a really good play."

Michigan (2-1) plays host to No. 22 BYU (2-1) this Saturday at noon ET.

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