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Michigan Football: Highlight catch caps Amara Darboh's 'best week ever'

A miraculous catch and officially becoming an American citizen, Saturday's victory over BYU caps Amara Darboh's best week ever.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- When the ball went up in the air, many thought that Jake Rudock might've thrown his pass just a tad bit high to receiver Amara Darboh.

If you didn't realize this during the game, let me inform you of a little secret: Darboh has some serious athletic abilities.

Shades of Odell Beckham-Junior came flooding into Ann Arbor after Darboh leaped up and snagged the catch with one hand. The stadium erupted, along with social media, after the catch was complete.

"When it was going up the ball kind of didn't go in the direction I thought it was going to go," Darboh said. "It kind of changed direction at the last second. I kind of tried to keep my eyes on it and then make the play at the last second."

Any receiver would love to have a highlight reel catch like that in a gametime situation. However, according to Darboh, that wasn't even his best catch.

"That's up there," Darboh said. "I had one in practice a couple of years ago that was pretty big, too. I think it's better to have one in a game."

After the catch, Darboh simply got up and handed the ball to the referee. While others might've thought about showing off for the crowd -- and honestly who would've blamed him if he did -- Darboh was more worried about continuing the drive after converting the first down on a third down play.

"I didn't try to do too much because it was just a third down catch," Darboh said. "We've got to get the play and everything, keep on moving and try to score. I got a little excited and got back to the huddle."

The catch wasn't the only noteworthy even that occured this week for Darboh. After a long process, Darboh finally become a citizen of the United States. For him, it was a long process finally making its conclusion. Citizen or not, Darboh already felt at home.

"I think it was just kind of the last step," Darboh said. "I've been here since I was seven and have been here for 14 years. Growing up here I kind of considered myself an American, too."

Wrapping this week up all in a pretty bow, U-M completed the 31-0 upset victory over BYU. All things considered, is this the best week ever for Darboh?

"Yeah it was, it was a great week," Darboh said. "A great way to end it, too."

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