Drevno: Trust a Key to Growth of U-M Offense

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno isn't overly concerned with the hurricane headed for the east coast this weekend. Instead, Drevno outlines what he feels is a major key to his unit's success over the first four weeks of the 2015 season.

Although Hurricane Joaquin is more than threatening to the east coast, the storm apparently won't be enough for Michigan to change it's approach.

Keeping a close eye on the forecast for this weekend as the Wolverines trip to Maryland for a primetime match-up Saturday night against the Terrapins, Michigan isn't ready to let the potentially dangerous conditions rearrange preparation this week.

"You always take it into consideration and the wet ball drill that everybody practices," offensive coordinator Tim Drevno said Wednesday. "We're keeping our eye on that but you just plan, you just plan, you don't change. you just go with the game plan you originally wanted to do and stay with it.

"I've been in situations where we change everything because of the weather and it really messes with your mindset."

While past experiences are a part of the reason Drevno and the Michigan offense aren't sweating about a reported 10 inches of rain set to hit the east coast, there's also other reasons behind it.

Michigan's offense is proving to be relatively efficient and versatile.

The Wolverines are averaging 202.2 yards per game on the ground, as well as 194 yards per game through the air to go with a 27.8 points per game scoring average.

Balance has been key in Michigan's 3-1 start.

"I just think that what we do offensively, we can spread out, we can bring it in tight, we can throw the ball deep or intermediate," Drevno said. "We can run the toss play.

"We've got a lot of different things, we're not one dimensional. We can adapt and change quickly for what people are giving us."

The major blemish when evaluating Michigan's offensive output the first four weeks is the amount of turnovers.

Fortunately for the Wolverines, the ball was coughed up exactly zero times in Saturday's 31-0 blowout win over No. 22 BYU.

"It was positive and that's something that you build on," Drevno said. "You want to be turnover free. That's what you're striving every week to be, so that was good."

Out of sync and unable to get the ground game going in the season opening loss at Utah, Michigan has figured some things out over the next three, not coincidentally all three being wins.

But as Drevno pointed out Wednesday, it's all a process.

"I think as you go through game to game and kind of get used to everybody and how you communicate and how they handle adversity, you get to know one another," Drevno said.

"And that's the process of trusting one another. The quicker you can trust, the quicker you have success so I think that's been a really big part of where we are today."

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