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Michigan vs. Maryland Primer

Previewing Michigan's upcoming game against Maryland.

Hurricane or not, Michigan is set to square off against Maryland on Saturday. Originally scheduled for a night game, Hurricane Joaquin's projected path has caused enough concern to make the game a noon start.

Sudden change aside, this team will be ready to play.

Last Meeting: Maryland won 23-16 in 2014.

What a win means for Michigan: It'll be good for Michigan to get off to a solid start to the Big Ten season. Maryland might've beaten Michigan last season, but it's something that probably won't happen again. The weather MIGHT play a factor here so it's difficult to say what is going to be established and what Michigan will feel good about going forward if it comes away with a victory. They'd be satisfied with a win and now Michigan is getting to the point where it should win games it's supposed to.

What a win means for Maryland: It would mean everything. Maryland has been... Let's say, not good this season. A victory over a surging Michigan team that is riding high from recent success would really do wonders for the program. It would also be huge for the confidence of Caleb Rowe, a young quarterback who has seen better days at the position. If, somehow, Maryland can pull off an upset, it'd be absolutely huge for both programs with obvious positive and negative effects for both teams.

Who to watch: Do. Not. Punt. To. Will. Likely.

Remember Devin Hester in his prime? Likely, as of right now, is probably the college equivalent of that. Will Likely is one of the more electric returnmen in college football, he owns a bunch of Maryland kick and punt return records as well as interception records. The Michigan offense should be able to take him out of the game defensively but punt and kickoffs are another story.

Wind will play a factor here due to the hurricane, so avoiding a kick to Likely might be impossible. However it plays out, Likely is clearly the biggest playmaker on the Maryland team.

What they're saying: The most intriguing thing Edsall has said all week is the starting quarterback being Caleb Rowe. Rowe has struggled mightily and will start against Michigan. Whether he finishes the game or not remains to be seen. 

Quotes used from "As we all know, it doesn't all fall on him. He has to be better and everybody around him," Edsall said during his weekly conference call. "The offensive line, the running backs, the wide receivers all have to be better."

More on Rowe: "Caleb's going to learn from it," Edsall said Saturday. "He's got to learn from it. He's got to learn to take what's given to him. He's got to get out of the mentality of thinking that people are open when they're not and forcing things and just take what the defense gives you and if you do that, you have a better opportunity."

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