Farmington LB David Reese Still Committed to Michigan but Looking at other options

Farmington (Mich.) linebacker David Reese is still planning on being a Wolverine next year, but some news he received yesterday has created an opportunity for other schools to change his mind.

It was news that David Reese didn’t want to hear, but he took it stride.

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh informed the Farmington (Mich.) linebacker Thursday that enrolling midyear would not be an option. That may have been a deal breaker for the longtime Wolverine commit a few months ago, but now not so much.

“He is firmly committed still to Michigan,” Reese’s father David Sr. told The Michigan Insider. “The (main) reason he was strong about the midyear is he wanted to prove himself as a linebacker. It’s a great opportunity (to earn) playing time early, but we do understand that it is Coach Harbaugh’s decision. We didn’t take offense because of the people he is bringing up it’s a majority offensive guys. And we do understand the big fish he is going after and using the mid-year as a carrot for those big fish. So we didn’t take it as a sign of disrespect with what he is trying to bring up.”

Harbaugh assured Reese that he is still a valued member of the class as a linebacker, but expressed his understanding of the impact his decision might have on Reese’s thought process.

“Now we are going to take our visits,” the elder Reese stated. “I’m going to sit down with him and let him make a decision on where he wants to visit and we’re going to take it from there.”

“The visits are just to (weigh the other options). Everybody else is offering us a midyear opportunity. (They’d already expressed) the desire to get him there as fast as possible. So that’s where he is at.”

With the door now opened a little wider schools that had been merely keeping the lines of communication open will likely turn up the heat a bit in light of Reese’s strong start to his senior campaign. Through five games he has racked up 60 tackles, including 35 solos and two sacks.

Louisville (will receive a visit) for sure… Kentucky and Notre Dame (no offer yet)… those three mainly that fit our scenario of that five to six hour range,” Mr. Reese stated. “And another school that has always been great to us ad they’ve got a great college of business is Indiana.”

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