Jake Butt discussed Michigan’s offensive flow and having a good defense to fall back on.

Jake Butt discussed Michigan’s offensive flow and having a good defense to fall back on.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – With Michigan’s offense struggling to find its identify in the first half against Maryland, Jake Butt knew his team only needed to stick to the game plan, and everything would work out.

Well, he was right.

Michigan scored three second half touchdownson its way to defeating Maryland 28-0. The Wolverines finished with a workmanlike 378 total yards. Butt would finish with four catches for 61 yards, and long of 44.

“We just calmed down and trusted the process,” Butt said afterwards. “There is no panic on the sideline, just little things here and there we were beating ourselves out there. But we just calmed down and started to execute on all cylinders in the second half.”

However, U-M’s offensive flow didn’t come to easy to stat, Butt says. Why? Well, because Michigan’s offense could only muster two Kenny Allen field goals in the first half, as well fumbling the ball twice.

“We kept saying all half that three wasn’t going to be good enough,” Butt said. “We were letting Maryland hang around way too much. We just needed one touchdown to punch it open. Obviously, we got that the one touchdown (by Drake Johnson and) it got the ball rolling and made things easier.”

And even though U-M’s offense took a half to get going, Butt acknowledged it’s a benefit to have an elite defense to always keep in you the game.

“It’s always an energy boost seeing them play as well as they did,” Butt said of the defense. “Going off that too, it’s been an advantage for us to get to go against them all camp. We’re going up against one of the best defenses in the country, battling them the whole month of August. It really doesn’t get harder than that. So when we are out here playing different teams, it’s a little bit easier than when we are playing our defense.”

Adding: “I think we made some mistakes that could’ve been game changers. But our defense kept stepping up and making plays. It’s great for us knowing we have one of the best defenses in the country, if we mess up, there is going to be no panic button. We got guys making plays, they were making three and outs, turnovers, batting down balls – it’s a real big advantage for us.”

Butt Gives Thoughts on John Harbaugh’s Sideline Visit

“One Harbugh is great, but two Harbaughs (are) even better,” Butt said and then was reminded of his position coach Jay Harbaugh as well. “Three, exactly, we got the whole package. He just wanted to congratulate us. He just said: ‘It seems like we are playing Michigan football again.’ He said he was ‘just honored to be on the sideline with us and to just keep the ball rolling.’”

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