Desmond Morgan says there will be no bulletin board material, elects to let the play do the talking instead

Michigan linebacker Desmond Morgan doesn't expect any bulletin-board material to filter out of Schembechler Hall this week.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Typically rivalry week promotes a week of hatred for the other schools. The trash talking, the gloating and everything else in between is typically acceptable a few weeks out of the year.

For what's at stake with Michigan's upcoming game against Michigan State, this week would be considered one of those weeks.

Whether it's by design or not, one of U-M's defensive leaders, Desmond Morgan, says that despite being a rival, its upcoming opponent will get all the respect it deserves.

"They're undefeated right now, they haven't lost a game," Morgan said. "They've been playing some tough opponents, tough games. We know they're an opponent that needs and demands the respect they well deserved."

That respect also goes hand-in-hand with bulletin board material as well. In some cases, some players have said certain things that they might've regretted after the game was over. Not in this case says Morgan, who firmly believes that all discussions and thoughts on the MSU rivalry will be, and should be, remained internal.

Besides, what's the best kind of trash talk outside of results on the scoreboard? Nothing. So don't expect any thing to be used against them.

"Out of this room? No," Morgan said. "I think our stuff is pretty internal. We keep to ourselves and we just want to put out on the field on Saturday. Usually the message is stay lowkey and let the play do the speaking for you."

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