Jake Rudock gaining confidence, wants to help team win

Jake Rudock's decision making has improved as the season has progressed, he will need that to continue if Michigan wants a victory on Saturday.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Some quarterbacks might be categorized or labeled into many different areas in football. Just don't ask Michigan quarterback Jake Rudock about being labeled because he wants nothing to do with it.

"I don't think anyone likes being labeled," Rudock said. "I think you don't want labels that throw you into a certain category. I think that's just kind of how a lot of people are and that's just an assumption. I just want to help this team win. Whatever that label is, let's use that."

Whatever he is, he will want the winner label after Saturday's rivalry game against Michigan State. Only playing the Spartans once during his career in Iowa, its defense and the experience he had with it will be something Rudock remembers heading into the game.

"Very solid defense," Rudock said. "Their secondary does a really good job, their front four and their linebackers also do a great job getting to the ball. They're always where they need to be. Something I remember that they're in the right spots and they're very well-coached."

One area in particular that had troubled Rudock early in the season was turnovers and decision making. With that being cut down each week, that decision making will have to be on point if the Wolverines will be looking for victory.

Something, Rudock hopes, he is getting better at.

"I hope (I'm getting better)," Rudock said. "There's some things I'm a little quicker at, like decision making, a little more confident in that decision making. It's obviously left for coach to decide. He has a better grasp on working on players. For me personally, I think I've seen improvement and then other times it might be the same play, you did it better last week. You just want to continue seeing the improvement and work towards getting better."

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