Game Day Intel: Jedd Fisch

Passing game coordinator Jedd Fisch goes one-on-one with The Michigan Insider to discuss offensive gameplan and Jake Rudock's progression.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Jedd Fisch and the Michigan coaching staff have a wide range NFL experience as well as diverse backgrounds.

For Fisch, his role at U-M requires him to wear many different hats. Calling the passing game and helping out with the wide receivers at times, his week is filled working with the other offensive coaching staff members to come up with a unique gameplan each week.

"We come up with a plan ahead of time during the week on exactly how the game is going to go," Fisch said. "With that, we kind of know going in on how we want to attack teams and what passes we want to use, what runs we want to use. We have Coach Drevno, who has such great experience, he comes up with a great idea of what we're going to do on a certain play or ask my opinion on certain things, give opinions there. Coach Harbaugh obviously hears and listens to what's going on, we try to do it together and work under the 40-second timeclock the best we can."

Along with receiving praise from U-M head coach Jim Harbaugh for his playcalling throughout the season, Fisch has also worked closely with Rudock to knock off some of the rust and bad decision making he suffered through early in the season.

Fisch attributes experience and comfortability in the system for Rudock's improved play as of late.

"I get on him a little bit sometimes 'boy you run a little bit too much for me sometimes,' Fisch said. "I think if you look at the course of his career, he's not a guy that was a big turnover guy. He turned it over 13 times maybe his first year starting and then seven, or whatever it is, now six. I think it's experience, experience in the system. 'Ok, where's number one, where's number two? Ok, I gotta run.' Just be smart and a couple of those turnovers really weren't on him early in the year, I think he kind of got knocked on a couple of those where we probably could've helped him out with. Probably made some things a little more difficult that I needed to for him. He's done a good job of understanding the game and use his feet to his advantage."

Any U-M quarterback, present or future, will have the advantage of being prepared for the next level. Fisch and Harbaugh demand a lot from their quarterbacks, Rudock is no different.

As soon as you walk through the doors of Schembechler Hall, you're going to be treated like an NFL quarterback.

"We coach our quarterbacks like a pro quarterback here," Fisch said. "We demand of him the same things as we would demand of Colin Kaepernick, Chad Henne, Blake Bortles or Matt Hasselbeck. For him, he understands it. That's kind of how it is in real life as well in Sunday as well as Saturday football. You've got to just understand certain guys are not in every read."

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