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In wake of online threats, U-M fans rally around Blake O'Neill

Michigan fans took to social media to rally around punter Blake O'Neill.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said that his team will put steel in its spines and move on from this loss. After all, there's still plenty of football left to go this season and still plenty to play for.

However, and most unfortunate of all, some fans can't determine the difference between reality and a fictional world of sports where all that matters to a person is the outcome of people playing a game in front of a large crowd.

Blake O'Neill's unfortunate mistake that led Michigan State to its game-winning score is a mistake in a long line of them that held the Wolverines back Saturday afternoon. Regardless of outcome, O'Neill, or any college football player for that matter, should not be bombarded with death threats or suicide suggestions because of one play as outlined in an article by College Spun.

This isn't to call out the terrible people that said terrible things to O'Neill, this is to celebrate those who stood by him.

This tweet by Eric Upchurch was by far the most popular, and deservingly so, tweet of the night:

With all the favorites and retweets that singular tweet had alone, it shows that the U-M fanbase, albeit frustrated with the loss, will defend its players regardless of the situation. Which is how it always should be.

Former U-M punter Will Hagerup also came to O'Neill's defense via his Facebook account as well:

At the end of the day, U-M needs to move on from this loss and put it behind them. It cannot define them and Harbaugh will make sure that doesn't happen going forward. However, Saturday should also be a good reminder to all the fans that any comments you make on social media can and will be found with ease. If you're going to wish death on someone for their mistake, make sure no one catches you slipping up in the near future.

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