Brady Hoke says he wouldn't have punted on final play versus Michigan State

Speaking on his SiriusXM show with Mark Packard, former Michigan head coach Brady Hoke said he would have gone a different route with the call for Michigan on its last play versus Michigan State last Saturday.

Seemingly anyone and everyone has offered commentary on Michigan muffed punt blunder loss to Michigan State Saturday night in Ann Arbor.

Wednesday, even former Wolverines' coach Brady Hoke decided to jump in on the conversation, speaking on his SiriusXM show with Mark Packard.

And Hoke, who spent four seasons in charge at Michigan, would've had a different approach on the games deciding possession, and play.

"Personally, if we have the No. 1 defense in the nation I'm going to test those guys," Hoke said. "You've got to play to the strength of your football team and the strength of the Michigan football team all year long has been their defense."

Instead of punting, Hoke says it would've served Michigan better to either run the football on fourth down, or potentially pass for the first down. 

If the play failed, Hoke felt confident the defense would've been able to come up with one last stop near midfield.

"Look, I know it's easy from where we sit right now," Hoke said. "I've been on the sideline and had to make decisions." 

"I went for two against Ohio State two years ago because Devin Gardner has a broken foot and didn't think the defense was playing as well we needed."

Criticized for not protecting punter Blake O'Neill better on the final play, with Michigan State putting all 11 players on the line of scrimmage, Jim Harbaugh also had players running downfield on the outside.

While it might be a moot point if O'Neill is able to grasp the football and simply punt it away for the victory, Hoke believes he could've been put in a better situation.

"No. 1, I think the one gunner to the field should have been in a little bit more and if you're going to punt it there's ways to protect it a little better," Hoke

Recruiting and coaching nearly the entire Michigan roster, Hoke couldn't help but feel sympathy for his players.

"It was one of those games No. 1 you feel for those kids," he said. "You really feel for them because that's a tough way to lose a game. It's heart wrenching and it's against one of your biggest rivals."

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