Moe Wagner Proving to be Quick Study

German-import Moe Wagner is continuing to adjust to life in the United States but is proving that he can pick things up quickly.

As if most first year player's under John Beilein don't have it hard enough, German native Moe Wagner is mastering more than just a basketball system this fall.
Arriving this summer via Berlin, Wagner found his first hurdle would come in the form of a dining hall.
"Definitely the first two weeks or three weeks, a huge thing was the food," Wagner said. "It was completely different than Europe, especially where I'm from. I like it but it's different, like the portions are way bigger. 
"I would say there's differences in quantity and quality. I had some stomach trouble the first few weeks."
Now on a regular diet and adjusting to college life on campus in Ann Arbor, Wagner has made huge strides since joining the Wolverines.
Not fully proficient speaking the English language, Wagner spoke very well Thursday at Michigan's media day, considering he's only been in the United States a few short months.
"My english is getting better," Wagner said. "I had some trouble in the beginning but, I wasn't really struggling but some complicated sentence structures I have trouble to understand, especially academically wise. 
"Right now, I'm good and I have no trouble on the court understanding things."
Just a few weeks from the Wolverine's first exhibition test, and likely the first opportunity for Wagner to see the floor, the transition from a basketball standpoint appears to be going well.
Standing a towering 6-foot-10, Wagner might just be the tallest player on Michigan's roster. Add in a unique skill set for a big man and Beilein is hoping to work his magic in search for a post player that can stretch the floor in his offense.
"It's obviously a very complex offense," Wagner said. "Coach Beilein isn't the best offensive coach in the country for no reason. 
"It isn't easy to pick everything up in one day but so far feeling great, pretty comfortable in the system and everybody is helping me."
Overall, being thousands of miles from home and across an ocean, Wagner is fitting in to his new life thanks to a more than welcoming community.
"I really feel comfortable," Wagner said. "I really like it here. Everyone is taking care of me. I find my way through school, basketball and life. 
"I've met some great people here, the team is taking care of me and there's some great people on the team."

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