Jordan Poole's father sees offensive fit at Michigan

Jordan Poole's father, Anthony, sees an offensive fit for his father at Michigan.

Video by Brian Snow

Story by Josh Henschke

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. -- As soon as his son announced his decision to commit to the University of Michigan basketball program, Anthony Poole donned a U-M cap with a smile.

His son, Jordan Poole, is a 2017 four-star shooting guard that committed to U-M coach John Beilein as a junior.

Beilein's background of winning and longevity in the college ranks helped the seal the deal in the elder Poole's mind. On top of that, an excellent offense that his son fits with and proven player development meant the commitment announcement made sense for the entire family.

"The thing about Michigan is that they have a very good coach in Beilein," Poole said. "He's a proven winner, he's been around for over 25 years. I think that's really the thing about Michigan, it's a good fit for what Jordan does offensively. It's a guard-based offense and it's very good for him. When I looked at Michigan, they develop players and get them better. So when we talked about it and it was something that Jordan was really looking at, that was a good fit for him to go there."

Poole and his son had visited campus before. So the family had a general idea of what to expect if they were to send their son to Ann Arbor. Luckily for them, their latest visit to campus last weekend also had an added extra perk which made the visit less about recruiting and more about something else.

The football team had a big game that weekend.

"The final visit really wasn't for recruiting," Poole said. "We knew it was going to be a good football game and we had the opportunity to go. The one thing about the visit, it was all the official 2016 class that was going to be down there. Jordan got to meet some of the guys that he had known like Ibi (Watson), he knew Ibi and Xavier (Simpson) from BYBL... But I think that made him more comfortable when we went down there."

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