Bolden: Anything is possible with Harbaugh

Joe Bolden talks about Jim Harbaugh's coaching style and personality that translates to the football team.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- At times, it appears that Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is a walking anecdote. He seemingly has a phrase for everything. Whether it be in the press room or practice field, there's never a dull moment when Harbaugh is in the room.

The most recent "Harbaughism," as it is so affectionately called, occurred earlier this week. Someone how linking earthworms and machine guns together.

For someone who is a defensive captain on the team, linebacker Joe Bolden hasn't exactly gotten used to the strange phrases and everything else in between that comes with a Harbaugh-led team. For him, he knows one thing is for certain with Harbaugh.

Expect the unexpected.

"I think we've all learned that nothing is impossible," Bolden said. "Anything can happen at any second. Worms with machine guns, I don't think anybody else has ever thought about that in my life but I guess we all have now, right? So anything is possible with coach Harbaugh, he'll keep you on your toes. Sometimes he keeps you guessing and sometimes you think you've figured it out and he does a complete 180 on you and goes the opposite way."

Keeping his teams guessing has had its advantages. By never settling and Harbaugh's relentless pursuit of hard work, the team has started to take on his personality on the football field. A personality that is currently seeing big results over a year ago.

"With coach Harbaugh, he mixes things up," Bolden said. "He loves to keep you on your toes and he loves to come in and compete every day. I think that's the type of attitude and personality the team has taken with them."

Bolden will look back on his days under Harbaugh with great fondness. There's plenty of hard work to go around right now, but the anecdotes and other "Harbaughisms" will be remembered by Bolden forever.

Maybe, just maybe, a book in the process, too.

"I could write a book," Bolden said with a smile. "Maybe down the road, if I ever become an author. I'll write a book on my one year with coach Harbaugh and his staff."

Has he been writing them down anywhere for future use?

"Nope, I keep them right here," as Bolden points to his head.

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