Michigan RG Kyle Kalis reflects on U-M’s 27-23 loss to in-state rival Michigan State and more.

Michigan RG Kyle Kalis reflects on U-M’s 27-23 loss to in-state rival Michigan State and more.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Kyle Kalis has never shied away from giving his opinion.

On Tuesday, Michigan’s starting right guard was asked numerous questions about Michigan’s 27-23 loss to in-state rival Michigan State, of course, which is remembered for punter Blake O’Neill’s botched punt that led to MSU’s fumble return for the winning score. 

And like his usual self, Kalis gave his full thoughts on the reasoning behind the Wolverines defeat.

“A lot of the time we weren’t playing 11 man football,” Kalis said. “But you know, you got to credit Michigan State too. They (have) a really good D-line, their linebackers are good. And they have good schemes and they planned well against us.

“Looking back, obviously, if we could’ve changed something up, we would’ve. We left some yards out there. But you know, it’s how it goes sometimes. We played well, and stuff happens.”

How did Kalis handle the loss knowing that his team was just 10 seconds away from victory? Well, he hasn’t taken it lightly.

“It’s hard when you’re a player and you play a game like that, you know we came out of it feeling like we won even though we didn’t,” Kalis said. “Physically we felt like we won. Just like we felt like we came out on top. But bad circumstances, bad luck for whatever reason. But you can’t look at it and have any regrets. So you just got to move forward and learn from it.”

While Michigan lost on its final play, Kalis admitted a key first down on their last drive would’ve sealed the victory, making a scenario where U-M wouldn’t of had to punt.

“That was definitely a big thing,” Kalis said of U-M’s last offensive possession. “You can’t put a play on one game. There were a few calls where guys we got messed up. Looking back, we should have got the first down. That was a big part of that game. Coach (Jim Harbaugh) always says ‘You can’t lose a game on one play.’ That fourth quarter drive at the end was a big part of it.”

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