Michigan assistant basketball coach Bacari Alexander talks D.J Wilson’s improved play and more.

Michigan assistant basketball coach Bacari Alexander talked to media last week during U-M’s media day activities. In part-1 of our interview with Alexander, he discusses the improved play of D.J. Wilson and the versatility that Michigan can present on a game-to-game match-up on the court this season.

How much different is D.J. Wilson now from a year ago?

Bacari Alexander: “My goodness, physically 30-pounds stronger, more athletic. Having the ability to more a contact seeker versus a contact avoider, are things we’ve really enjoyed thus far. One of things that D.J. has always brings to the table is a versatility with his ability to pass and make others better, being able to stretch defenses with his shooting range to three (point range). And his quickness and agility to guard multiple positions, so we can get into switching patterns and creative things on the defensive end with a guy like D.J. Wilson.”

Besides Wilson being bigger, what are some scenarios you see him being successful on the floor this season?

Bacari Alexander: “I think one of the areas of interest with D.J., is going to be more on the defensive end. You’re talking about a guy who can switch and defend multiple positions. So you’ll see in late shot clock scenarios, him being a switch in ball screens, things of that nature, it’s going to be a very intriguing tool to have. But I think you are also going to see a guy who can pick and pop on a screen and roll and stretch people out to three. You’re going to see a guy who can deck the ball off rebounds and push the break like Mitch McGary did in the past.

“I think D.J. will bring some skills to the table that will allow us to have some creative options not only just on the offensive end, but I think is what not being talked about enough is the versatility he brings to the table on the defensive end because of his lateral quickness.”  

How pleased are you with some of that creative stuff that you can go big or go small, and you don’t see any kind of drop of with that?

Bacari Alexander: “You know, for Coach (John) Beilein and out team it’s one of those embarrassment of riches type scenarios where all of the players on our roster, we have a vision of them playing positions. Even some of our front court guys, D.J. Wilson can play the four or five. Zak Irvin we learned can play the four, the three, a two. Caris LeVert can play the one, the two, the three. And it gives us this versatility that allows to morph, regardless of who the competition is.”

How does that make you guys more dangerous?

Bacari Alexander: “I think of anything, it makes us more unpredictable. And that unpredictability sometimes can create competitive advantage.”    

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