Michigan assistant Bacari Alexander talked to media last week during U-M’s media day activities -- this segment focusses on Ricky Doyle.

Michigan assistant basketball coach Bacari Alexander talked to media last week during U-M’s media day activities. In part-2 of our interview with Alexander, he discusses maturation of sophomore PF Ricky Doyle, and the expectations from him as the Wolverines head into their 2015-16 season.

Can you talk about the development of Rick Doyle just from his freshman year coming into his sophomore year?

Bacari Alexander: “Really excited in the fact that Ricky Doyle stands at 6-foot-10, 250-pounds. The thing that I am enjoying the most, when you get into the second year the game starts to slow down a touch for you. There is a review aspect to some of the concepts we are teaching. So now it gets him more on an instinctual level. And it’s almost to the point, when you get into the second year you’re trying to decipher which areas of the game will he get to a level of mastery on? And that’s the challenge right now. The accountability has been ratcheting up quite a bit for him. So he has to make sure that he’s not putting pieces back in the box if he were putting together a puzzle. He’s just continuing to build the puzzle, which is our ideal on how we develop players.”

From a raw emotion standpoint, he brings that energy on the court. How beneficial is that to have that other guys can look at him as that “spark” on the court?

Bacari Alexander: “It’s a huge benefit. We think veterans like Ricky Doyle, Mark Donnal, and others at those positions have to bring that type of mindset, do that (workman) style work each and everyday. Because what it does, it energizes not only the team, but it also allows us to establish an identity of toughness and grit that’s very important. And that was laid down by guys before them like Jordan Morgan, Mitch McGary and others.”

Are you seeing that physical style of play out of Ricky Doyle?

Bacari Alexander: “There are definitely signs of that. Now what we are looking for is the consistent track of that over a period of days. Can you put together a week, versus three or four days? Can you put together a month of that approach? A couple months? A season? Those are the goals that we are after. But Ricky Doyle is definitely a prime candidate to bring the hammer.”

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