Erik Magnuson likens Jabrill Peppers to Netflix documentary, thinks tigers are cool

The always entertaining Erik Magnuson talks about Jabrill Peppers and the impact he has on the offensive side of the ball.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Outside of the failed quarterback sneak and the defensive line play in the final seconds of the 29-26 victory over Minnesota, the talk of the town has been the three-way play of safety, return man and offensive weapon Jabrill Peppers.

Peppers was all over the place Saturday night. Scoring his first career touchdown on offense, flipping the field in the return game and also making a difference on the defensive side of the ball as well.

U-M linebacker James Ross III described Peppers as a creatable player one would find on a football video game. Boost up all the possible attributes and you have Peppers. Even offensive lineman Erik Magnuson would create Peppers if given the chance.

Not to mention he would create himself first if given the chance, though.

"If I couldn't create myself, I would create Jabrill," Magnuson said. "He's like a linebacker that plays safety, corner, quarterback, running back, wide receiver. I mean, what more could you want?"

Of course, Magnuson says that he would create himself on a video game first. However, he'd give himself a longer beard and long hair that goes out of the back of his helmet for looks.

But does the play of Peppers on offense take away from the rest of the unit? Perhaps it could be a bit concerning that the best playmaker U-M has on the offense side of the ball is a part-time player who is primarily playing on the defensive side of the football.

"Who's saying that? Jabrill's special but he's not the most important (piece to the offense)," Magnuson said. "He's a great player, very special, incredible athlete and he helps our offense a lot. But there's a lot of pieces to our offense. Like I said, talking about Graham (Glasgow) earlier. People don't really recognize all the little things that go into make Jabrill's plays happen."

When talking about the offensive line, Magnuson described at as being pigs compared to the wild boards one would find on the defensive line. When asked what he thought what kind of animal Peppers would be, Magnuson decided to go with the humor route.

"Have you ever seen the Netflix documentary, The Tiger and the Monk?" Magnuson said. "It's about this monk who lives in the jungle of Thailand that has 16 tigers. I think of Jabrill as being a tiger. It's a good documentary, you should watch it."

So, that means we need to watch the documentary to know what tigers really are?

"No," Magnuson said. "It just gives you a better idea of how cool tigers are."

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