Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno discusses Jabrill Peppers' increased role offensively.

Michigan offensive coordinator Tim Drevno says Jabrill Peppers is handling his added responsibilities just fine.

Anyone wondering how Michigan sophomore do it all defensive back Jabrill Peppers is handling his various responsibilities in all three phases, Tim Drevno isn't among them.

The Wolverines' first year offensive coordinator spoke with media Wednesday and once again gave high praise to Peppers, playing a pivotal role offensively in Saturday's come from behind 29-26 win at Minnesota.

"He's a football player so he's got that DNA," Drevno said. "You tell him once and he fixes the problem. Just special, great football awareness. 

"He's really like, dealing with him is like dealing with a pro football player. He just looks you in the eye and takes what you're telling him, understands it and puts it into action."

Peppers role has continued to increase since first taking snaps offensively in Michigan's shocking loss to Michigan State.

Saturday at Minnesota, Peppers carried the football four times for 16-yards, the biggest one coming early in the third quarter on a six-yard touchdown rush on a direct snap from center Graham Glasgow.

Also effecting things positively for the Wolverines in the return game, Peppers is handling the many dishes served on his plate as well as the coaching staff could hope for.

"He's very explosive," Drevno said. "You see when he gets the ball, he explodes and it's a great option to have being able to work him into the offense and the opportunity if he plays on the offensive side of the ball or he doesn't. It's nice to have that club in your bag."

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