The Beileins: Family, love and competition

For John and Patrick Beilein, it's always going to be about love. When the game tips off, it's another story.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Friday night was a busy day for the Beilein family. Both John and Patrick, along with countless numbers of family members in attendance, faced off in a battle of wits. Talent level aside, the teams were mirror images of one another in terms of schemes.

The same plays, the same calls, same verbiage. And, of course, different generations of Beilein's on opposite sides of the court.

"It was a very emotional kind of day. All day, kind of, actually," Patrick Beilein said. "Every time I've come to this arena it's been to root for my dad and the family. It was an interesting arrival, when I get here I get off the bus and I go down the opposite tunnel where the opponents so many guys that we root against when they come in here. It was almost an eery feeling and I really didn't like it. Once the ball went up, though, and it turned into another game, I'm competitive, he's competitive and we were trying to beat one another."

One of the more difficult things that the elder Beilein wrestled with before the game, and even consulted with assistants with, was whether a handshake or a hug was appropriate pregame. Of course, things are different once Big Ten season comes along, but when it's family, it's different. When gametime rolls around, however, there are no "moments," no feelings of pride for the elder Beilein.

There's basketball and there's the want to win.

"No, there were no moments like that, I was trying to get my team to play better," Beilein said with a wry smile. "You know that's going to be an issue for me, Cathleen (his wife) could've been on the other bench and I would still be trying to get my team to play better."

For now, both teams will go its separate ways. One team has lofty dreams and the other has a new system, a Beilein way of things, to feel out and work towards. For Le Moyne, next season will mark a new basketball facility, something the younger Beilein is excited about. He even went as far as saying that maybe, just maybe, his father could travel to Le Moyne with his team and open up the new facility with a game.

"That will not be happening," Beilein said.

Well, there's the answer to that.

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