Chris Wormley says defense played with 'our effort' in victory against Rutgers

Chris Wormley says that fixing effort and mental mistakes played a role in Michigan beating Rutgers on Saturday.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The Michigan defense left a lot to be desired against Minnesota last weekend despite coming up strong in the final moments of the game to escape with the victory.

Mental errors and being burned on big plays were a focus that the U-M defense wanted to focus on this week heading into the game against Rutgers. Although the U-M couldn't be perfect all game, the defense stood tall and practically shut down the Scarlet Knights in a 49-16 thrashing on Saturday.

"That was definitely our main focus this week to play with our effort, run to the ball, and play with that enthusiasm we had all year," Wormley said. "It kind of fell off, especially last week against Minnesota, that was our main goal today. Just to come out and fire on all cylinders."

Firing on all cylinders they did, especially in the second half. While the rush defense wasn't as good as it could be, the defensive line seemingly did whatever it wanted to against the Rutgers offensive line.

Holding the Scarlet Knights to only 97 yards passing the entire game, it was an entire defensive effort to get things right.

"I think so, especially in the second half," Wormley said. "We shut them out, there were a lot of three-and-outs, a lot of incomplete passes and runs that were shut down. I think that was the thing we definitely accomplished today."

What was the recipe of success?

Film plays a large role in getting players' minds right. According to Wormley, DJ Durkin played a major role in getting his players ready for Rutgers this weekend. And, on Saturday, it showed.

The effort was there, the mental mistakes were minimalized and U-M came away with the win.

"I think it was just watching film from Minnesota and definitely seeing what we did wrong and what we could do better," Wormley said. "Especially on our effort last Saturday compared to this Saturday and it will show on film. That was the big thing this week, getting our effort to where it has been."

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