Jim Harbaugh says Jake Rudock has looks of an NFL QB

Jim Harbaugh was complimentary towards his quarterback, Jake Rudock, this week. Acknowledging the progress he has made throughout the season.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- The final three-game stretch for Michigan at the end of the season is highlighted with one thing in common. The Wolverine defense will face the best group of quarterbacks the Big Ten conference has to offer.

This week starts with Indiana and Nate Sudfeld. Despite the Hoosiers struggles, it's not a secret that it can move the ball around through the air. Something that Harbaugh knows very well and will have his defense prepared for the challenge.

"That'll be the case this week, next week and the week after," Harbaugh said. "We play the top three rated quarterbacks in the conference and it will be a challenge for us. They played all the good teams and played them all really good with chances to win every time they take the field. They understand the task there."

After Saturday's performance, Rudock has also found himself becoming one of the highest-rated quarterbacks in the conference outside of the big three in Nate Sudfeld, Christian Hackenberg and J.T. Barrett.

The progress Rudock has made over the past few weeks has caught Harbaugh's attention. Progress that could possibly see him on a professional team at the next level.

"It's nice to see Jake Rudock up there, he's fourth," Harbaugh said. "Jake Rudock is up there with the big guys, that's good to see. I really felt like, watching this game, Jake played his best game and he looked like an NFL quarterback. Somebody that would have a future playing in that league the way he's now playing and operating. I see that jump that he has made."

Harbaugh knows a thing or two about NFL quarterbacks. Being one himself and coaching a few during his NFL coaching tenure, Harbaugh says he only had to observe the progress Rudock has made with his own eye to know whether he is an NFL quarterback.

"Just watching it with my own eyes and my own opinion," Harbaugh said. "I would compare it to when you some of the bird watchers that can tell a bird and what species it is by the way it moves and I think they call it the gist of the bird, just with my own eye the gist of the NFL quarterback or not. After this game I was seeing Jake that way."

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