Game Day Intel: Jedd Fisch talks Indiana defense

Michigan passing coordinator Jedd Fisch discusses the Indiana defense and what his offense should expect against the Hoosiers.

BLOOMINGTON, In. -- Michigan set to face-off against the Indiana Hoosier today at 3:30 p.m.

Despite it's 4-5 record, there are plenty of things the Wolverines need to be wary of if it wants to come away with a victory and keep its Big Ten championship hopes alive coming down the stretch this season.

A high-powered Hoosier offense is obviously something that is on the defensive coaching staff's mind but, according to U-M passing coordinator Jedd Fisch, the Indiana defense is something his offense needs to keep in mind. With multiple fronts, Fisch said he is expecting his defense to present a challenge for his offense. Something that his maturing offense will need to be 

"The one thing that you see from them is that they are multiple, very multiple," Fisch said. "They give you different fronts, different coverages and they give you different pressures. They are willing to do just about anything in regards to slow you down and be able to challenge you. They challenge your protections, they challenge your running game and they challenge you outside based on the different coverages that they'll give you. It's going to be very interesting in that regard that we're going to have to be able to deal with a lot and see the maturity of our guys and be able to handle different looks."

With that, the U-M offense isn't exactly quick in terms of getting play the off. It's slow, deliberate and will lull you to sleep with the running game (that's, of course, if the running game is working during that game). To avoid getting into a shootout with a high-powered offense, Fisch said that his offense will continue to stay the course.

Long story short, nothing changes. This U-M team will not be changing for anyone.

"We're a pretty deliberate offense to begin with," Fisch said. "In terms of we run the ball 45 times a game and have thrown it about 30 times. We use the clock, we don't run a no-huddle system so, in that regard, we're not in the same position as some of the other teams that might be a no-huddle also. Then it will be a decision whether you want to have a shootout or not. For us, I think we're just going to, you know, we're going to do what we do and then with that, it probably allows us to have a 30-minute time possession type deal, on average."

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