Jourdan Lewis says sloppy play led to defensive struggles

Michigan defensive back Jourdan Lewis credits sloppy play on the defensive side of the football that led to poor play.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- In terms of overall defense, Michigan has seen better days.

This was the case against Indiana Saturday night during its 48-41 double-overtime victory. While the defense did its part to somewhat limiting a high-powered Hoosier passing attack to 220 yards and one touchdown, the lack of depth on the defensive line is starting to show against the run.

The defense was gashed all night and seemingly just couldn't stop the run. Hoosier running back Jordan Howard was the Hoosier workhorse, rushing 35 times for 238 yards and two touchdowns.

The inability to stop the run was frustrating for defensive back Jourdan Lewis, who nearly had a two interception night himself.

"That's our first goal to stop the run so we can stop the pass," Lewis said. "And not stopping the run gave way to the pass so we've got to come back and just prepare for the next week. See what we did wrong and prepare."

Not only does the Indiana offense have playmakers, it was also the fastest team U-M will face all season from a pure offensive tempo standpoint. Not being able to stop the run and not having a chance to catch your breath couod be considered factors into the Wolverines' defensive struggles Saturday night. However, Lewis doesn't think being tired played a role.

The defense simply didn't get the job done at times.

"They did a great job," Lewis said. "It was execution. They were executing and we didn't, it was just sloppy play on our side. We weren't tired, it's just mentally we weren't prepared. They did a great job."

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