Jim Harbaugh discusses Jake Rudock's fearlessness

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh talks about his observations on quarterback Jake Rudock's fearlessness.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Some might say that Jim Harbaugh is the fearless leader of the Michigan football team this season.

That might be true, however U-M quarterback Jake Rudock is certainly giving Harbaugh a run for his money as of late. Leading the team in the face of adversity is not a trait everyone has. Especially bouncing back from a late game mistake like he did against Indiana.

The fearlessness is not something Rudock magically acquired while at U-M. In fact, Harbaugh himself said that's something he's always had and it comes from one simple source.

His parents.

"He's had that, he came here with that (fearlessness)," Harbaugh said. "Great parents, I told his dad the old saying that the branch doesn't fall too far from the tree. He's been raised really good, all those good things. He's smart, composed, talented, tough, confident. He's got all those things that make up that reaction to pressure to adversity."

How Rudock acts in the locker room is aspiring to Harbaugh. He even went as far as saying that he needs to be more like him. If anyone has dealt with other people in the locker room, it's Harbaugh.

And when he compliments you, you know it's genuine.

"It's a wonderful part of his personality, his makeup," Harbaugh said. "I saw it as a team member, you're really showered by a guys attributes. You really try to pick out the ones to do the best job in a certain area. Whether it's work ethic, their ability to overcome adversity, toughness, their strength and you just try to emulate those guys. Pick a guy here, pick a guy there, who does it the best? And try to encorporate it into your game. Jake is as good as they come. Myself, I mean, I look at him and go 'I need to be more like him,' it's working well for him. See if I can encorporate it in my own game, my own personality.

"You can learn a lot by just watching people, observing them."

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