Jeremy Clark wants to be more consistent, remain calm

During his transition to cornerback this season, Jeremy Clark wants to be more consistent and remain calm during the final stretch.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- This year has been a transitional year for cornerback Jeremy Clark.

Of course from a coaching staff perspective but also a scheme standpoint as well. Not to mention that he has been asked to convert from safety to corner back this season, not a simple task to accomplish by any means. Clark has had his ups and downs throughout the season and has come down with two interceptions so far this season.

However, there's still plenty of room to grow and Clark knows it.

"I want to be more consistent in my play," Clark said about his development as a cornerback. "I don't want to be looked at as guy that sometimes he's there and sometimes he's not."

For a first year player at the position, Clark has had his moments where he's there and makes the plays and other times he looks completely out of position. Of course, we're watching him go through the growing pains on the big stage this season. When he makes a mistake, Clark isn't trying to get too down on himself. He views basic fundamentals as something he must focus on at all times and not let his mind take over the situation.

Calm, cool and collected. That's what Clark wants to be in time.

"It's my play at the line of scrimmage when I don't get my hands on him," Clark said. "Once I let a receiver run free down the line of scrimmage that's when I get into trouble, keeping up with him. When you see the receiver take off you try not to get into panic mode but you naturally get into panic mode. When the ball is up in the air, it's just a lot happening real fast. A year ago, I was already deep so I can see everything happen, so I was more calm back there. I'm just trying to stay calm."

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