Michigan getting big assist with Houston (Tex.) Alief Elsik defensive back Chris Brown

The father of Houston (Tex.) Alief Elsik defensive back Chris Brown was a major advocate for Michigan back in the spring, and he is still one now.

After a strong visit to Ann Arbor last spring it appeared as if Michigan had emerged as the team to beat for Houston (Tex.) Alief Elsik defensive back Chris Brown. At the very least the Wolverines definitely became the apple of his dad’s eye.  Even so the younger Brown always insisted he would go through the process, thus allowing other schools to rise in prominence on his list.  One such school has undoubtedly been Texas.  Brown youngster insisted he would go through the process. Other schools, especially Texas, rose in prominence in subsequent months.  Brown has been careful to not name a leader among a list of favorites that includes UCLA, Arizona State, Texas, Michigan, Michigan State, Kansas, and Oklahoma, but dad thinks he has an idea of what his son is thinking.

“I think he likes (Texas), but at the same time he is torn between (Texas and Michigan),” Mr. Brown stated. “I’m leaning him more the other way… the other direction (toward Michigan).”

With an official visit to Michigan set to take place next week that persistent endorsement from the elder Brown is a major feather in the Wolverines’ cap.  Mr. Brown is also doing his part to put in a good word for the Maize & Blue with another official visitor that weekend… his son’s good friend and teammate Dontavious Jackson.  The two Lone Star State standouts have long insisted they aren’t a package deal, but that hasn’t stopped Brown’s father from hoping they remain a tandem on the college level as well.

“I put it in their ear,” Mr. Brown admitted.  “I said, ‘look… you guys have got to go to school together.’ They play awesome together because they read off of one another.  And they push each other when they work. And then there’s comfort factor.  So I want them to be together.”

In the end, though, they’ll base their decisions on what’s best for them individually.  In Brown’s case one of the key factors in determining that will be how he’ll be utilized.  Michigan’s open-ended plan is particularly appealing to dad.

“I think looking at the defense it could go either way because (Michigan) will put the best guy on the job for the position.  I’m watching (Jabrill Peppers)… he’ll go from safety to corner, to punt return.  That’s how you do it.  That’s when you know you’re an athlete.”

“I don’t think it really matters (whether it’s corner or safety) because he can play them both.  That’s what I’ve been stressing to him.  ‘You’ve got to be versatile.  You can’t just have the mindset (of only playing) corner.  You have to be at the position that he feels is best for you.’”

One factor the Wolverines won’t be able to match the Longhorns on, however, is proximity to home.  Dad is doing his best to downplay that as a factor.

“I told him don’t worry about us getting to the games because we’ll be able to get to some of them,” he said. “And when we don’t we have a TV.”

Brown is planning on making a decision after the New Year, possibly on signing day.

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