Amara Darboh happy for Jehu Chesson, pushing each other to be successful

Amara Darboh says that he's happy for Jehu Chesson and has worked hard for his opportunities.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Despite the emergence of Michigan wide receiver Jehu Chesson of late, don't forget about the other wide receiver that has made plenty of big plays himself throughout the season.

The talk of the passing game has been surrounding Chesson as of late, and rightfully so, but Amara Darboh is still doing positive things for U-M this season. Both Chesson and Darboh are extremely close with both knowing each other since the days of early high school recruitment. When asked about Chesson on Tuesday, Darboh had a glowing report regarding his competitiveness.

"We go back since we were being recruited I think our junior year," Darboh said. "He's just a competitor. Doesn't like to lose and he's on special teams, does it rushing and does it in every phase of the game. He's a competitor, he doesn't like to lose, just a very tough guy. If you have all those things you do great things."

When at times it appears that Chesson might be taking all of the spotlight away from the receivers as a whole, watching from afar doesn't really bother Darboh. In fact, he recognizes how hard Chesson has worked to get into the position he is in today.

He could not be happier for him.

"It's something special, he's a very talented player," Darboh said. "He's got the speed and everything. Watching him out there, I'm very happy for him, he's worked hard out there and it's paying off."

Seeing a person breakout and become successful in a hurry has its advantages. With Jim Harbaugh competitive atmosphere permeating in Ann Arbor, both Chesson and Darboh attempt to push each other to new heights to get better every day. One percent at a time, Harbaugh says.

All in all, Darboh just wants what is best for the team.

"We're both competitive guys and we try to push each other," Darboh said. "If the ball comes my way I try to make a play, the ball comes his way he tries to make a play. I know on special teams he will try to make a play. I think we're both guys that will do anything to take for the team to win."

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