Taco Charlton talks familiarity with OSU players, Columbus roots

Taco Charlton, an Ohio kid, talks about how special the rivalry week is to him.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Being from the state of Ohio and Michigan, the rivalry means much more. Especially to those who decided to end up playing their football at Michigan instead of Ohio State.

Being from the Ohio area himself, defensive end Taco Charlton is well aware what's at stake when it comes to the last Saturday of the football regular season. Charlton, and so many others on the roster, are also familiar with some of the players that decided to play on the other side of the rivalry.

Something that Charlton is looking forward to experience.

"It's going to be fun," Charlton said. "A lot of guys we went to high school with, or went to high school around us, a lot of the guys we know from recruiting and the fact us being from around that area for a long time we know a lot of guys on the team. It's going to be nice to get a chance to play them once again, play against guys from Ohio as we have a lot of guys from Ohio ourselves. It's going to be nice to experience."

Charlton didn't grow up a Wolverine fan. In fact, quite the opposite. Charlton grew up a Buckeye that never received a scholarship offer and decided to head to U-M instead. Ohio State week will always be special for the Ohio kids but this week means a little bit more for Charlton.

"It means a lot," Charlton said. "Just growing up in that state, growing up and cheering for that team and finally getting a chance to go up against them again. We want to win so much more each year, it's an incredible experience."

Charlton might be the odd man out when it comes to wearing the Maize & Blue in his family. Growing up near Columbus, he would certainly be outnumbered when it comes to allegiance to the Wolverines.

However, family always comes first says Charlton, and he knows exactly who they will be cheering for this weekend.

"Growing up in Columbus it's basically a given," Charlton said. "A lot of my family are Ohio State fans but they'll cheer for me more. Family is more important."

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