Carl Diggs Interview (Part 1)

In the first installment of the Q&A with Carl Diggs, reporters inquired about his injury, his rehab time, leadership, and defensive newcomers.<br><br><br><br>

How did your injury take place?

"I think it was 3rd and 1, and I went up to hit the quarterback. When I hit him, he kind of fell underneath me. Then I think one of our players and one of their players fell on me to the side and I broke my fibula, tibia, and ankle. It was pretty serious."

At what point in the game did your injury occur?

"It happened in the second quarter."

Was the pain excruciating?

"It wasn't too bad at first. When it first happened, I thought I had sprained it. But then when I went to the sideline and they took off my ankle brace it started throbbing."

Where did you watch the rest of the game after you went out?

"I came back out and watched it from the sideline. Then toward the end I moved closer to the locker room."

Has it been a long process coming back?

"Yeah, it's been a LONG process! I had surgery the week after it happened and ever since then I've been doing things to try to get it healthy. It was kind of discouraging because you try to push forward, but you're limited to doing certain things during rehabilitation. It's more of a mental process than a physical process. You see your teammates out there running around and you want to participate, but you can't. My teammates encouraged me and wouldn't let me hold my head down and I got through it."

Did you take it easy in the spring? Are you full go now?

"Yes, I'm full go now. I did take have it easy in the spring. I'm just ready for August to get here."

Do you think this is your year to be the leader of the defense?

"As a senior linebacker, I think I have to step up and assume that roll as a leader. When you become a Michigan linebacker, that's what they always tell you. They tell you that as a senior, it's your time to be a leader and you have to step up for the team. The team is only going to be as strong as its leader."

Do you think the team is hungrier this year? Do you think you guys are ready to come out and compete for a championship?

"This team is very hungry. That's all we talked about the entire summer. But, we proved that we wanted it too. People went out there and worked hard. There was hardly ever a time when we had to push someone to run. Everyone was out there working. This is the hungriest team I've been around and it has really gelled. I think we're prepared to do something big."

How would you describe this year's defense?

"I think we have a lot of flexibility, a lot of guys who can run, and a lot of experience up front and at linebacker. I think our defensive backs are great. I think it's going to be a good year for us on defense."

What has it been like having a young guy like Steve Morrison as a linebacker coach?

"He's a young guy, but he's played a lot of football. You have to listen to him because he's been out there and he's experienced it. He gives good advice and you can talk to him."

What is it like when you're first coming in? Do you think Lamarr Woodley could step in and play right away?

"I think Lamarr Woodley is a specimen and physically he's ready to step in and play, but there's a lot of mental work that needs to take place too. He has to learn a lot of defenses. He has to deal with seeing new offenses week in and week out. It's all about how fast he can pick things up."

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