Carl Diggs Interview (Part 2)

In Part 2 of the interview with Carl Diggs, the senior linebacker answered queries from Buckeyeland reporters. Despite being asked these same questions by 4 or 5 scarlet and gray followers, the Warren Ohio native managed to stay away from bulletin board material.

What's the attitude on the team about Ohio State? Are you guys saying, already, that you've got to get them this year?

"We think about it. Losing to them twice in a row has been very painful. We don't want to see it happen again, so it's on our minds."

Michigan dominated that game for so long. What do you think changed it around?

"I think they just came out and did the things that they needed to do to win the game. They made big plays when they needed to and they capitalized on our mistakes."

You guys out gained them by about 100 yards. You just went up and down the field. What happened?

"Yeah, but on defense we gave up a big play. Anytime you give up big plays it comes back to hurt you. They just did what they needed to do."

I know you guys have to take it one game at a time, but is the game against OSU one that you look ahead to out of the corner of your eye?

"We definitely take it one game at a time every Saturday. But every time ESPN comes on and you get a glimpse of them playing, you can't do anything but watch."

Did you watch the Fiesta Bowl?

"Yeah, I watched it."

What were your emotions watching that?

"At the time it was like a Catch-22. On one hand it's kind of hard to cheer for Ohio State, but at the same time you're proud that they went out and beat Miami because it showed everyone that the Big Ten is a good conference and that we can play with anybody."

Have you guys set team goals?


Is one of your goals to beat Ohio State?

"Of course it is. That's always one of the goals."

Some people think the rivalry has lost its luster a little bit. How about you?

"Naah, not me. It's the biggest rivalry in college football in my opinion."

You and Maurice Clarett went to the same school, correct?

"Yes. When I was a senior he was a freshman. He came the second semester of my senior year."

Do you guys still talk?

"If I see him around, I talk to him. But we don't talk too often."

Were you surprised by what he did last year?

"He came in and surprised a lot of people. I saw him play in high school. I would see him play when I went home and my family used to send me tapes of the games, so I knew coming in that he was going to have a good year. He got the chance to go up early during the spring and I think that helped him a lot."

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