Carl Diggs Interview (Part 3)

In the final Carl Diggs segment, Tom Beaver commandeered some of the 5th year senior's time so he could address, linebacker depth charts, more on his health, impressive defensive performers in the off-season, and Prescott Burgess.<br><br>

I won't ask you so many Ohio Sate questions Carl! How close to 100% are you?

"I think I'm 100%. I've been out there all summer running with the team. I've been cutting doing agility work, and participating in drills, so I think I'm ready to go. The big test is going to come when we put on the pads in practice. Then we'll see where I'm really at."

How long have you been at 100%?

"I think I just got there. During 7-on-7 I think it was still kind of iffy, but these past couple of weeks it has come along really good."

Who is the #2 guy behind you at MIKE?

"I don't know right now. We've got a lot of good young linebackers. Both David Harris and Scott McClintok are very talented guys."

Do you know at this point who's slated to be the starter at WILL?

"It's hard to say. A lot of things won't be determined until we get on the field because there's a lot of competition at linebacker. That will only make us better. At WILL we have Zach Kaufman and Lawrence Reid and they're both good competitors, so we'll have to see during 2-a-days."

How is Zach coming with his injury?

"I think he's close to 100%. I think he'll be ready to go in August."

Who has impressed you the most on the entire defense this off-season?

"To me, the guys I've been impressed with the most are Markus Curry, Jeremy LeSueur, and Marlin Jackson. We have a pretty good receiving core and watching our those guys compete against the wideouts in 7-on-7 and lock them down really impressed me."

Do you know where Lamarr Woodley will be playing in the fall?

"No I don't."

We've heard a lot of things about Jeremy Van Alstyne. How is he looking?

"Man, he looks good! He's the type of person that goes out and gives 100% on every play. He's going to be very good. He's one of my favorite players on the team because of the way he just goes out and works."

How's Pierre looking at LB?

"Oh, Pierre is looking very good! He came out at had a very good spring. I think he'll be taking over the starting roll at the SAM linebacker."

Talk a little about Gabe Watson and Larry Harrison.

"I think that they are really going to step up this year for us. We play a lot of defensive linemen at Michigan, so they'll be rotating in. They've been working very hard. They're definitely a load. Those are some big guys!"

Prescott Burgess went to your high school. How involved were you in him coming here?"

"I know Prescott really well. Even though I've been at Michigan, I would always hang out with him when I went home. Our uncles are really good friends so we just always hung out a lot. I definitely talked to him about Michigan."

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