U-M receiver Jehu Chesson says team will rally around Jake Rudock

Michigan receiver Jehu Chesson discusses the injury to Jake Rudock.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Jake Rudock has taken quite a few hits during for Michigan throughout the season.

From scrambling to sacks, no matter how much the hit appeared to have hurt, Rudock always popped right back up. This time when Ohio State defensive lineman Joey Bosa came in practically untouched, Rudock was leveled. This time, Rudock didn't get back up and the whole stadium fell silent. He eventually managed to get off the field with his arm tucked into his stomach.

It's not the best way to finish the last game at Michigan Stadium in your collegiate career.

"I know Jake's a tough kid, I mean really a token to his character and physique," U-M wide receiver Jehu Chesson said. "I know that when I see him go down like that, I wouldn't say I'm worried about him but I'm definitely concerned and I know he's going to bounce back."

U-M coach Jim Harbaugh did not have an update on the severity of the injury Rudock suffered. When asked about his quarterback and the play that lead to the big hit, Chesson noted player safety being an obvious danger that all players face when strapping on the helmet. However, Chesson says that not one person is to blame for the Rudock injury.

In fact, he might be feeling the pain right now, but Chesson says that this is a team sport and will rally around their quarterback regardless of the situation.

"Injuries are part of this game," Chesson said. "It's really hard to go through a football season without having any big hit or big collision. There's only so much you can control as a receiver. What I can control is making sure I can get out of my breaks fast enough for him that he has a place to put the ball so that doesn't happen. The blame is everywhere, everybody has their fingerprints on it. You can't really single out one person because it's not fair to do that. We're a team, we're going to remain a team. When one guy takes a hit like that, it effects the whole team. He's feeling it physcially but the whole team is feeling it emotionally. We just need to rally around him and make sure he is healthy."

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