Kingston Davis has Awesome Time at Michigan

Prattville (Ala.) running back Kingston Davis had a great visit to Michigan, but the Wolverine commit isn’t yet ready to completely shut down his recruitment.

The outcome of Michigan's match-up with Ohio State last Saturday certainly wasn’t what anyone with a Maize & Blue bias wanted to see, but that didn’t prevent Prattville (Ala.) standout Kingston Davis from having an overwhelmingly positive experience.

“We had an awesome time coming up there,” Davis father told The Michigan Insider.  “We enjoyed bringing some kids up from Prattville… some future Wolverines hopefully.  From start to finish when we got there the Michigan family took good care of us.  They made sure we got over to the stadium and did whatever we needed to do to talk to the coaches.  We had an outstanding time.”

The Michigan running back commit paid close attention to a ground attack that didn’t see anyone from the current stable of backs seize command of the starting job for next year.  With plans to enroll early Davis would likely be stepping right into the thick of the competition for the role.

“We didn’t discuss that at all,” Mr. Davis stated.  “We have prepared Kingston to be able to come up early if the opportunity is afforded to him.  But we won’t know anything for maybe another month whether he will be coming up (to Michigan) for sure.”

Michigan remains the team to beat, but the talented youngster is determined to make absolutely sure he made the right choice.

“He said he wants to visit a couple more schools,” Mr. Davis explained.  “(One visit) could be LSU… Ole Miss has expressed some interest in having him up for an official visit, and Florida also.  Now that they’re done playing football for a few weeks we might be able to get (a few of those schools) on the (visit) schedule.”

“(After that) he’ll make his final decision whether he wants to go to Michigan or whether he wants to go somewhere else.”

One of the many factors keeping the lure to Michigan extremely strong is the presence of Davis’ former teammate and good friend Keith Washington.

“(Kingston) loves Keith Washington,” Mr. Davis said.  “Even though Keith spent one year at Prattville he brought a serious work ethic and set an example at Prattville. He brought a lot of leadership to Prattville.  As a matter of fact when I ask Kingston about Michigan, I want to hear about Keith Washington’s experience.  How does Keith feel?  All of (the answers to the questions) I’ve asked Kingston over the last month have been all positive.  Keith Washington is excited about Michigan, happy to be there, and he feels like he made the right decision.  All that does is just bolster Kingston’s decision about Michigan.”

It also made a positive impression on another member Prattville contingent in Ann Arbor last weekend.

"Cam Taylor is the only one with an offer, and let me tell you… he is on fire for Michigan,” Mr. Davis said.  “He wants to commit right now. (Laughter).  I agree with his mother… I think he should take his time.  He can play everywhere (on the field) and they’re going to be knocking on his door from everywhere.”

“But he can’t wait.  We went into the M-DEN and he bought Michigan swag.  So Prattville’s campus is going to be looking like a wing of Michigan.”

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