"Scot is a genius."

The thing I wanted to talk to <B>John Navarre</B> about most at the Big Ten Kickoff was the progress he's made under his quarterback coach, Scot Loeffler. So when John happened to get onto the subject of Loeffler I kept him there for a while.

When did what it takes to be a successful Michigan quarterback start to hit home?

"I think after my sophomore season. Scot Loeffler came into the system and he taught me a lot. Actually, he taught me a lot as a freshman as well. During my first year he was a graduate assistant. He came back after my sophomore year to be our quarterbacks coach."

"He taught me the whole process of being a Michigan quarterback. He taught me what it takes to be a championship caliber quarterback. You can have talent and go out there and play, which is what I did the first couple of years … but you're not going to win the championship and you're not going to be established. Once he stepped in and showed me the ropes a little bit, and we broke it down game by game and play by play … I really accepted the role and understood what it took."

(Tom Beaver) Can you talk about Scot (Loeffler) a little more? What kind of person is he, what kind of coach is he?

"Scot is a genius. The thing about him is he has an answer for everything. Whatever drill we're doing, if I make a mistake, he's got an answer for why I made the mistake. We're required to break down a whole list of things when looking at our own film. Scot will analyze the film to point out exactly where I made the mistake. Then you start to understand the differences between making and not making the plays, and in the long run, winning the championship. So he's just a genius. He drives a lot of our offense. He has a lot of great ideas. He really breaks things down and once you learn from him, you really buy into what he's selling. He's a great guy and a great friend."

(Tom Beaver) He seems to me to be a real positive up-beat sort of guy.

"He is. That's just his persona. Scot is loving life. This is his dream -- to coach quarterbacks at Michigan. He loves Michigan and he's just been living it up every day. That's why he's like that. He just loves what he does. At this level, you really have to have the passion in order to be good at doing this, and he does. It demands a lot of your time, you're away from home a lot, and the criticism is high. But we accept it because we love it."

Do you keep in touch with any of the former Michigan quarterbacks?

"Scot and Tom Brady are good friends so I keep in touch through that. Two seasons ago, every once and a while Tom would call me before a game and tell me the typical things that our quarterback family would say to one another. That's special when it comes from someone I look up to like Tom. I haven't talked to Brian as much but those guys still call Coach Loeffler to stay in touch. That's something that will never end. Hopefully if I go on to bigger and better things, I'll call back and say the same type of stuff."

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