Michigan PG Spike Albrecht updates his health and more.

Michigan PG Spike Albrecht updates his health and more.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. – After two off-season hip surgeries, Spike Albrecht is slowing making his way into Michigan’s playing rotation.

On Saturday, he looked close to his old self.

With Michigan up double digits late, and the win all but a certainty, Albrecht, well, was Albrecht, as he dove for a lose ball out of bounds. A move that has been signature of Michigan’s captain, who is known for his hustles plays throughout his career.

That play in itself signifies that Albrecht is back or close to 100 percent, right? Well,  that remains to be seen, but apparently his health is good enough he said after U-M’s 82-57 win against Houston Baptist.

“Yeah, I am going to dive regardless,” Albrecht said. “I’m going to dive for the ball. That’s kind of what I do. But nothing like that, I’m not worried. I’m not going to break my hip out there. I’m not 70 years old, so I’m not going to change the way I play.”

Even with him coming back into the rotation, Albrecht says Michigan coach John Beilein has put no limitations on his playing style.

“They know,” Albrecht said. “They can’t stop it.”

Beilein concurs.

“I want him out there to do what he just did, so he gets thorough it,” Beilein said when asked about Albrecht’s diving play. “And everyday is another step in this process to get back to as close as he can to who he is.”

And it appears Albrecht has a plan in place to get back fully healthy, if not now, soon.

“I feel like I have made big strides in the past week since we really committed to this new game plan,” Albrecht said. “I hop we stick to because I feel a lot better.”

Adding: “My conditioning is fine. I told Coach B that, I passed all the conditioning test. Even when I am out there, I don’t feel short of breath or anything. Just most importantly is getting everything to calm down, I think it’s getting a lot better.” 

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