Navarre On 2002's Losses; Carr on Underwood

More from quarterback <B>John Navarre</B> and Head Coach <B>Lloyd Carr</B> at this past week's Big Ten Kickoff in Chicago. Navarre talks about last year's Notre Dame and OSU losses. And we asked Carr about David Underwood's development.

The press asked John Navarre:

John, how much do you replay that last pass versus Ohio State?

"It's easy to look back on it and say that we might have botched the call. It probably should have been a different call. I replay it a lot. They had a prevent defense on, but it shouldn't have come down to that play at the end. When I look back, I replay four or five other plays through the course of the game that could have made a difference. There were other opportunities in that game."

When you talked about replaying plays from the Ohio State game, were you talking about replaying them in your head or on film?

"Both. We look at tape a lot. I think it helps you learn from your mistakes. You know what you have to correct. As far as replaying it in your head, visualization is great for a quarterback. You don't just replay the negative things over and over again. You correct it in your mind so that the next time it comes up you'll be able to excel."

How many times have you watched tapes from last year?

"I've watched a lot of games from last year. I've watched Ohio State five or six times. I've watched Notre Dame eight or nine times. You just want to learn from five or six plays that could have made a difference and helped the team win. You don't want to make the same mistakes again."

Is there more of a sense of urgency to beat OSU this year after losing to them two years in a row and not going to Pasadena in five seasons?

"I think the only urgency is we want to win the championship every year. The urgency is a national championship year in and year out. I'm a fifth year guy. I've got a lot of other 4th and 5th year guys around me and we haven't won a championship yet. I really want to push hard and get that ring. We're running out of time."

How do you deal with the things you hear about yourself?

"You hear things, but it goes in one ear and out of the other. That's part of accepting the roll. If you listen to that stuff too much, things aren't going to work out for you."


Tom Beaver asked Lloyd Carr (note: as the press session was winding down, I headed back over to Carr and we ended up pretty much by ourselves):

Lloyd, can you talk a little about David Underwood's development?

"David came out of the spring with a lot more confidence. The coaches and players gained a lot more confidence in him. I think David, like a lot of young players, has fought through the ups and downs that come with being a young player and being away from home. David is a great kid. I'm confident that he will step in there and really have a fine season."


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