Michigan junior tight end Jake Butt addresses the factors going into his decision to return for his senior year or enter the 2016 NFL Draft.

Michigan junior tight end Jake Butt addresses the factors going into his decision to return for his senior year or enter the 2016 NFL Draft.

Michigan junior tight end Jake Butt has a decision to make on his future and he expects to make it in a "week or two."

Meeting with media Monday in Ann Arbor, Butt was asked several questions regarding his possible early exit from the Wolverines for the 2016 NFL Draft, or return for a fourth and final year.

For Butt, the opportunity is still a lot to wrap his brain around.

"It's still all crazy to me that I even have to make this decision," Butt said. "At the beginning of the year, it wasn't even in my vision or thoughts. Throughout this year it really has accelerated it."

And Butt's right. Capturing Big Ten Tight End of the Year, Butt was second on the team with 48 receptions for 620-yards and three touchdowns.

Comparing that to his first two seasons, Butt had more receptions and yards combined.

Still, Butt, who says the decision is 50/50 right now, has one more conversation that could push him in one direction over another.

"I wouldn't be able to decide right now, even if I had to," Butt said. "Talking to Jake Ryan, Devin Funchess, (Taylor) Lewan, my high school teammate Alex Bayer, he's on the practice squad at tight end for the Chargers.

"But really it's going to come down to, a lot of it's going to be based on what Coach (Jim) Harbaugh says."

Harbaugh's history with tight ends stands out to Butt, along with the NFL experience the entire coaching staff has.

As far as what round Butt would need to be projected to in the draft to make this decision easier, the Ohio native seems to be getting the feedback he wanted.

"If I wasn't in the top three rounds I'm coming back no question," Butt said. "It would have to be like a top three round deal for me to even consider coming out."

"That's just what I've been hearing, that I would be in the top three rounds," Butt added. "That's why I'm considering it right now. It's just again going to go back to what Coach Harbaugh says cause I trust him so much and I value his opinion."

Butt has also valued the opinion of several of his former teammates currently filling an NFL roster spot.

What's most emphasized? Be ready to work.

"They're like our camp days but it's every single day," he said. "My friend Alex Bayer said you wake up at six and he was there until 5:30 with a little lunch break in between. He said that's every single day and they're in week whatever it is in the season and there's no slowing down."

"But you get a paycheck, yeah exactly," added Butt laughing. "And they get a nice paycheck too so I think it's all worth it."

Butt says he is setup to graduate next fall with only a few classes remaining after the upcoming winter semester.

In addition to conversations with Harbaugh, Butt is looking at two other key variables as well.

"Tight ends don't usually get taken in the first round so it's how much can you potentially increase your stock," Butt said. 

"And then you've got the risk of injury, I've had knee surgeries so that's in the back of your mind. Those are really the two main reasons right there."

Being on the cusp of graduation and earning a degree from Michigan, Butt says while that's clearly important, there will be other avenues for him to receive his four year degree down the line.

"That's a big deal too but I also found out that if you do leave the NFL will pay for you to get your degree finished," Butt said. 

"That's a good thing to know but at the same time it would be sweet to be here next year and only have to take one class. I'd have way more time for lifting, treatment, just to hang out, be a kid."

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