Jehu Chesson talks bowl practice approach

Michigan receiver Jehu Chesson expects the team to focus on the fundamentals during its 15 extra practices leading up to U-M's bowl game.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Just when the Michigan football team might have head coach Jim Harbaugh all figured out, bowl season happens.

With U-M being bowl eligible for the first time since the 2013 season, the team hasn't had a chance to see what bowl preparation looks like with Harbaugh let alone in two seasons. With the team now granted 15 extra practices per the NCAA guidelines, U-M wide receiver Jehu Chesson says the extra time is a great chance to take things back to square one and learn the basics all over again.

Besides the fact that the team has no idea how Harbaugh will handle the practice days.

"I'm not too sure what to expect really," Chesson said. "Obviously we've never had a bowl preparation with him. Jake was just saying earlier about having the 15 practices kind of like being spring ball I'm sure. We'll go back to our roots in terms of trying to get the fundamentals and everything shaken out. I really couldn't tell you what the schedule is like."

One thing that the team did know on the offensive side of the football was to keep feeding Chesson the ball. By having a breakout season by posting eye-opening career high numbers, Chesson has emerged as a downfield threat that demands attention.

All in part to the offense that Harbaugh established this season.

"I think it really put me in more opportunities to be successful," Chesson said. "My mindset coming into the season I didn't have any personal stats I wanted to accomplish but the one's that I do are like private to me. When I go back, my mentality coming in was to help the team win, that's all I wanted to do. So you keep an open mind and want to help the team win. With that mentality and the opportunities that were presented to me in terms of offensively, I think coach Harbaugh likes those types of players.

"If you're selfless and the opportunity does present itself, you just have to make a play."

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