Injury bug rears its ugly head for Michigan as Beilein says more injuries suffered in Thursday practice

The injury bug reared its ugly head as Michigan suffered further injuries in Thursday's practice.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. -- Thursday was an emotional day for the Michigan basketball team as senior guard and leader Spike Albrecht announced to the team he was shutting down for the rest of the season to rehab two offseson hip surgeries.

Injuries have played an ufortunate role with the Wolverines for going on two years now. Despite the emotional announcement, the injury bug continued to leave destruction in its wake.

"We had a good practice yesterday," U-M head coach John Beilein said on Friday. "We had a couple more injuries in practice yesterday after Spike's announcement. We'll see today who can play tomorrow. It's something I guess we have no other choice but to deal with the best we can and just the whole situation with Spike here it's just such a storybook - story of his career anyhow." 

When asked about the further injuries to his team, Beilein declined to answer who and the severity of said injuries. Citing a tactical advantage for U-M's upcoming opponent in Delaware State. Either way, the status of the injured players will be determined tomorrow.

"You'll find out tomorrow," Beilein said. "It could effect anything, we had a couple more injuries so we'll see how tender they are or whether they can go tomorrow. You'll be able to see. Given our situation I'm not interested in telling our opponent who is maybe playing at half speed."

By now, it should start to feel like a horrible nightmare Beilein can't seem to wake up from. Not so fast, Beilein said. For most of his coaching career, he's been fortunate enough to suffer debilitating injuries throughout his lineup.

It seems the good karma has run out for now and the team, as well as the coaching staff, just has to deal with it.

"We've been through a little bit of this," Beilein said. "I'm sure it's probably more with the after the fact that we're dealing with a  Zak Irvin still really in recovery but able to play. It's part of it, you know what, 41 years haven't had this so rarely I guess, as a coach. we're going to give it to you for a couple years here to make up for all that time that you've been blessed."


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