Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan LB Devin Bush Jr. Goes Own Way, Commits to Michigan

Michigan overcame the legacy ties to Florida State for Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan linebacker Devin Bush Jr. and earned his commitment moments ago.

For the sons of many standout athletes following directly in the footsteps of their fathers is seen as the path to success.  There are many others, however, that feel blazing that their own trail is the best way forward.

Moments ago Pembroke Pines (Fla.) Flanagan linebacker Devin Bush Jr. became one of those that chose to go his own way when he selected Michigan over his dad’s alma mater Florida State.

From the onset of his recruitment most assumed Bush Jr.’s status as a Seminole legacy predetermined where he would wind up.

“I went into with an open mind,” Bush told The Michigan Insider previously.  “I was never that type of person to do what others do.  I’m the type of person that does what I wanted to do, let everybody follow me or start a trend or something.  I was never that guy to follow.”

That mindset was supported by Bush’s father, who didn’t hesitate to travel to Ann Arbor with his son numerous times over the past year.

“The first time (my dad) told me that he was going to take me up to Michigan, I was like, ‘what is Michigan?  I never heard of that place in my life,’ Bush recalled.  “I’d never been there and I didn’t even want to go there.  We got up there and we both were kind of blown away.  This is really real of what we’re seeing right now.  Something we had never seen before, so it was a great experience for both of us.”

When father and son made their way back up to Ann Arbor in June their favorable view of the Maize & Blue grew even stronger.

“(My takeaway was) just being there honestly… being around the coaches and the players and seeing what they are trying to build there,” Bush stated.  “You can actually kind of believe in what they’re trying to do there and I feel like it is a great atmosphere there.”

The Michigan coaching staff returned the visit favor by making Bush Sr.’s football camp one of their satellite camp stops that month.  The Bushes followed that up with two visits to Ann Arbor this fall.  The result of all of that facetime was a family and a coaching staff that had grown amazingly comfortable with one another.  That much was clear when Harbaugh conducted an in-home visit with Bush and Flanagan teammates and future Wolverines Devin Gil and Josh Metellus.

“Harbaugh came to Devin Gil’s house and we all went over there,” Mr. Bush said.  “We all were over there and we just had like a cookout/hangout. We had food and we just hung out, talked, watched football games… we were just hanging.  It was like hanging with the boys. “

“Harbaugh is a regular guy,” Bush Sr. said.  “He didn’t have to do those head coaching duties or do those interviews.  Harbaugh would rather to just be sitting back, watching TV, Laughing… talking about something he thinks is interesting, and just be under the radar. He is just a guy.  He was like, ‘man I’m one of the guys.’”

Bush Jr.’s connection with the staff appeared to have taken a hit when former linebacker coach and defensive coordinator D.J. Durkin accepted Maryland’s head coaching job, but a few assuring words from Harbaugh were all it took to assuage any concerns.

“(Harbaugh) said, ‘listen, it’s Michigan. ‘ He brought Durkin in, so why would he do worse (when hiring a replacement)? Why wouldn’t he do a bang up job? He is going to carefully plan what needs to be done.  He is going to figure it out and he is going to bring the best guy in to accomplish what he needs to have accomplished.”

With that hurdle cleared there was nothing left standing between the younger Bush and his Michigan future.

“It was just where I believe was the best place for me to succeed, the best opportunity for me to be the player I am and to flourish,” Bush Jr. said. “That was probably the biggest thing.”

After competing in the Under Armour All American game Bush Jr. will enroll at Michigan in January.

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