Kareem Walker Commits to Michigan

After days of tough deliberations Kareem Walker announced commitment to the University of Michigan.

Last year Ohio State scooped up former Michigan running back commitment Mike Weber and added him to its 2015 haul.

Moments ago Michigan returned the favor when it landed five-star Wayne (N.J.) DePaul Catholic standout and former Ohio State pledge Kareem Walker.

"Michigan is going to be one of the top schools next year,” Walker told scout.com. I feel like a few more years with (coach) Jim Harbaugh, they're going to be one of those big schools.”

One of the major Wolverines’ major selling points was opportunity.

“(Playing right away) is definitely what they were pitching to me,” Walker said. “I’d need to come in and work my tail off and there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be starting, or I that shouldn’t be in the rotation as one of the backs teams are game-planning against.  I definitely should playing.”

At the same time, the Michigan coaching staff also made it clear to Walker that they wouldn’t ask him to carry the burden of the entire rushing game on his shoulders.

“Them using multiple backs really isn’t a problem for me,” he said.  “Even in high school I didn’t become the main running back until my junior year.  That was because another running back was hurt. This year I spilt time with another running back, but I’m the main running back.  So as far as (Michigan) and how they use their backs… that’s not really (a problem) to me because that how I’ve been brought up.”

“I think a team needs other running backs to come and get 10 yards to move the chains when you need a breather.  I just think it’s harder to prepare for a team or a running back when it’s not just you they’ve got to worry about (because) the second string can come in and do good things too.”

Michigan director of Player Development, recruiting, and linebackers coach for the bowl game Chris Partridge was again instrumental in getting Michigan piped in with one of his home state’s top targets.  From there the point-man in stating the Wolverines’ case was Michigan running backs coach Tyrone Wheatley.  It didn’t taken the former Wolverine great long to build a strong rapport with his would-be protégé.

“Awww man… Coach Wheatley is a real good dude,” Walker.  “He is real.  He is definitely going to keep it real with you, whether it’s positive or negative.  So I really like Coach Wheatley.”

That quick bond with Wheatley was complemented by the one he has had for far longer with his host during his official visit earlier this fall, Michigan redshirt freshman defensive back Jabrill Peppers.

“(The time with Peppers) was real good,” said Walker.  “I hadn’t seen him in a long time.  The last time he came home I didn’t get to see him.  I was away.  But it was good being with Jabrill. He had some (sage) words for me.”

“I really like (Michigan’s) coaching staff. I really like what they’ve got going on.  I see what they (have) planned for me in the future. “

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