Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 2017 LB Josh Ross updates his Michigan recruitment and more.

Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 2017 LB Josh Ross updates his Michigan recruitment and more.

Orchard Lake St. Mary’s 2017 LB Josh Ross has an inside perspective when it comes to Michigan football.  

After all, his brother, James Ross, is currently a senior linebacker on the Wolverines roster.

That being said, Ross, who has been to U-M’s campus numerous times to see his bother play, admits he likes the change he’s seen Michigan play with since the hire of Jim Harbaugh and his coaching staff this past season. 

“The biggest thing coming from last year is the difference of the coaches,” Ross said of U-M. “This year they had a great coaching staff. I know recently (D.J. Durkin) just left, he was a great coach. But Coach Harbaugh is a difference maker. And they come to each game with a different attitude and a different enthusiasm about the game.”

Ross also noted the difference in watching his brother play for the Wolverines. 

“It’s great watching my bother succeed with Michigan this year.” Ross said, adding: “He’s loving it. It’s been a couple years in the drought for Michigan. He didn’t even make a bowl game last year. Him making a bowl game this year, he’s very excited. He talks to me all the time about Michigan.”

Now with his high school season finished, Ross says he has time to start making campus visits. However, no such plans have been made with Michigan, but did add he knows what he looking for the next time he does visit U-M.

 “I’ve been up there a lot,” Ross said. “Just because my bother is going there. So just going up there I want to have a better bond with the coaches. That’s my main goal, talking to coaches more and getting to know them well.”

While Ross wouldn’t name a leader, he did say in no a particular order that Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State and Notre Dame are the top-four schools he is talking to at the moment. He even went on to say OSU is the next school he would like to check out.

“I just want to visit the facilities and meet the coaches,” Ross said of OSU. “I know Urban Meyer came to the school last week. He couldn’t even talk to me though. So I want to get down there and have a good conversation with the coaches and talk to them and get to know them a lot.”

With no decision timetable set as of yet, Ross did name off what his deciding factors will be for when he makes his commitment known.

“The deciding factors are going to be the best fit for me,” he said. “Is playing as soon as possible. The best fit far as coaches. Who is going to develop me the most. So that’s going to be the deciding factors.”    

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